The Cathedral Sunday School




Our mission is to cultivate the seeds of the Holy Spirit that are within each of our children through worship and education.


The purpose of our Sunday School program is to teach the children all aspects of the Orthodox Christian life, as well as to promote fellowship with their Orthodox peers and parish family.


The goal of the Sunday School program is to nurture in every child a love for our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, and to foster an enduring personal relationship with the Holy Trinity. Students will worship during liturgical services, study the Holy Scriptures, practice the Holy Commandments and honor the Church’s Holy Traditions.


Our teachers are dedicated volunteers, who give time for 1) Sunday mornings, 2) weeknight meetings and education sessions, 3) weekly hours to prepare lessons. Meanwhile, parents are encouraged to support our school by reinforcing lessons at home, reviewing and asking questions, etc. Parental participation is essential.

Every child has a place to grow at our Sunday Church School. Children ages 1-18 years old learn our Orthodox faith and help build community along the way.

Children younger than three meet downstairs in the nursery classroom until it is time to receive Communion, after which they go back to their classroom. Children ages three and older attend Divine Liturgy with their families, receive Holy Communion, then proceed downstairs to their classrooms. Classes end by 12:15 p.m.

Classes are as follows:

Nursery program, ages 40 days through 3-1/2 years: Teaches elementary church concepts and Bible stories through simple songs and is accompanied by one parent.

4-6 years old: Continues church basics and Bible stories through craft projects.

7-9 year old: More in-depth study of Bible lessons and the Lord’s Prayer.

10-12 year old: Focus on the church calendar and lessons each week presents.

Teens: Discussion of topical issues and how they relate to a Christian lifestyle.

The first Sunday of each month we have a Communion Breakfast where all the children sit and “break bread” together and have a group lesson. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and learn what we will be doing for that month’s projects.

Throughout the year, children participate in a variety of events, including the Christmas Pageant where they dress up and play out the story of the birth of Christ. Children also participate in the Sunday of Orthodoxy, Palm Sunday, and Holy Friday.

We have dedicated, volunteer teachers and are always encouraging new families to get involved in our Church School. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Director, Effie Doscas- Butler.

Contact: Effie Doscas- Butler